“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

These are stories crafted from the guts of other realms, penned beginning in 2002 to 2016. Some stay true to their original canon but most deviate from them, exploring new places and introducing new people. Due to personal opinion, not all of the fanfiction I have written made it's way here but they can still be found at their original home on my account at Fanfiction.Net. More recent fanfiction can be accessed on my account at Archive of Our Own.

Assassin's Creed

Title Publish Date Summary Series
Together We Face the Precipice Dec 18, 2015 Desmond gets an update from Shaun that isn't good and starts making plans to stop a massive crisis in the making. Bleeding Memories, Part 6
Trust Broken and Trust Affirmed Jul 24 2014 In the end they were too different, even to those they shared the most with. Bleeding Memories, Part 5
Rise in Defense Jul 20 2014 In the aftermath of the Juno's defeat and the Templars fall, the Assassins discover that Abstergo was searching through Edward Kenway's memories. Rebecca ends up being the one to take this news to Desmond and gets more of a response than she bargained for. Bleeding Memories, Part 4
Seeking Understanding May 5 2014 Shaun has a question and Desmond does his best to answer it. Bleeding Memories, Part 3
We Are One May 4 2014 With the Bleeding Effect in full swing, this is what happened to Desmond during and after the final events of AC3. Bleeding Memories, Part 2
The Blurring of the Lines Sep 5 2011 In roughly 1258 in Constantinople Alard l'Escu, loyal member of the Knights Templar, discovers that his Order isn't what he thought it was. N/A
Hide In Plain Sight Nov 19 2010 A contemplation on where Claudia learned her skill with a blade. N/A
Of Monteriggioni, of Masyaf, of Firenze Nov 19 2010 A “What-if?” scenario for if the Bleeding Effect caused Desmond to seem to be starting down Subject 16's path. Bleeding Memories, Part 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Title Publish Date Summary Series
Rise of the Dragoon Oct 24 2006 Different costume, different result...this time it puts a major new power into play. ( Crossover with Legend of Dragoon ) N/A
Creature of Darkness May 4 2006 Xander picks a different costume and everything goes awry... ( Crossover with original series ) N/A
Blood Allegiances Feb 19 2006 Xander gets a letter about a relative who's in trouble and everything starts going downhill from there... ( Crossover with Harry Potter ) N/A

Codex Alera

Title Publish Date Summary Series
The Will of the One Nov 4 2010 Desiderius is attempting to teach little brother Eligius to fight and their sister Lucia takes a bit of offense while Fidelias observes the chaos. N/A
The Difference Between Chasing and Waiting Nov 4 2010 Post series, Max continues his attempts to wear Veradis down. He just isn't aware that it's been the other way around for some time. N/A
The Rooftop Roads to Anywhere Nov 1 2009 A view of Kitai wandering through the city as the Black Cat before Tavi manages to catch her. N/A

DMC: Devil May Cry

Title Publish Date Summary Series
Importance May 4 2014 A small scene between Dante and Kat from three years down the line after the end events of DmC. Together We Survive, Divided We Fall, Part 2
Blinded By Realization Oct 5 2013 Three drabbles from events at the end of the game. Together We Survive, Divided We Fall, Part 1

Dragon Age

Title Publish Date Summary Series
The Sordid Tale of Meryell Verlen Jan 2, 2016 Meryell was a sellsword in the Fangs of Vimmark before the Conclave, hired as the best of the company to find her way in, get the job done, and get out to get the rest of her gold without getting caught. Now she's the supposed Herald for a religion she doesn't even believe in with magic tearing her palm open and no one that she trusts at her back. So she does the only things she knows how to do - fight and cuss - and leaves everything else to fall where it may. N/A
What Drives Us Jun 11 2014 There are never any guarantees in life, so take what opportunities you can. That was but one of the lessons Elena Amell took from the Tower but it was one that she forgot at the worst time. And that mistake that seemed so small will lead her on a path she never imagined taking. N/A
The Ragged Ends of Our Past May 12 2014 Instead of leaving Alistair in the care of Arl Eamon, Maric takes full responsibility and claims his bastard son. These are the events that occur in the years leading up to the Fifth Blight in 9:30 Dragon. The King's Sons, Part 1
The Hard Road of Our Present Oct 15 2013 The Fifth Blight has come and while many seek to save Ferelden, there are some that will stop at nothing to tear it down. The King's Sons, Part 2
Of Dusters and Wardens Oct 7 2013 Drabbles surrounding the lives of Carina Brosca and Alistair as they struggle through the events of the Dragon Age. N/A
Kirkwall Freed Oct 5 2013 Some might tell the story that when the apostate Anders blew up the Kirkwall Chantry, Treva Hawke was quick to slay him in her fury at the death of the Grand Cleric. That, however, is merely a tale concocted by Varric Tethras to protect her and others. This is the true story of what happened that day...and all that came after. N/A
Even the Greatest Hero Falls May 15 2011 Alistair takes on Loghain in the duel at the Landsmeet. This is that scene from the Hero of River Dane's point of view. Broken Dreams, Part 3
A Hundred Thousand Never Agains May 14 2011 Post-Ostagar, Alistair goes over what has changed as he waits outside Flemeth's hut for news of his fellow Warden's survival. Broken Dreams, Part 2
Brothers in the Night Apr 26 2011 I decided to give the poor Theirin boys their shot at knowing each other on the night before the Horde comes out of the Wilds and everything changes. And take a little creative license with Cailan's personality. Broken Dreams, Part 1
Tornillo de Orejas Inocentes Apr 26 2011 Taking some liberty with the completion of a relationship with Zevran. In short, after he gives Cousland the earring, our dearest assassin has doubts about Cousland staying because of his past. Cousland, of course, is out to prove Zevran wrong. N/A

The Dresden Files

Title Publish Date Summary Series
All the Shades of Winter Jun 27 2014 A story revolving around young Maggie as she grows up after Changes and the various interactions she has with her father, some written as flashbacks, others in the moment. Also included are Harry's interactions with other characters from the series. N/A
Tremors in the Night Sep 29 2007 Hrothbert discovers something one night as his skull is taken by a very frightened boy. N/A

Harry Potter

Title Publish Date Summary Series
Acacias and Willows Aug 16 2014 Starting with the events of Snape's Worst Memory in 1976 and moving forward, these are a series of drabbles covering the loss and recovery of Severus and Lily's relationship. A Spell of Galdor, Part 1
Old Friends Jul 4 2006 Harry goes to visit someone and fully accepts the burden of the war against the new Dark Lord, something he had begun but not finished at the end of Chapter 3 of To Live Again. Not Myself, Part 12
To Live Again Sep 12 2005 A full one hundred one years after World Beyond, a new evil begins to ravage the wizarding world. And greatgreat grandchildren of Harry Snape have a plan of how to stop it. Of course, they may get killed in a process...and not by the evil. Not Myself, Part 11
World Beyond Sep 6 2005 Thirteen years after Memories, the Snape family lives on... Not Myself, Part 10
Memories Jan 18 2005 It's nine years after Haunted and things aren't going too well for those left behind after the war... Not Myself, Part 9
Haunted Nov 14 2004 The crew of 'Not Myself' return in this fourpart sequel to the fic you mad readers all know and love. Join them in their life after Hogwarts and please don't kill the dear writer or her muses for anything she does to them... Not Myself, Part 8
Year 7 : A Surprise and Battle May 9 2004 Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his seventh year, fresh from his training in the Elven realm. Things still stand unsteadily between the group of friends and the addition of Voldemort and a new face doesn't make the situation any easier. Not Myself, Part 7
Year 6 : A New Terror and Death Threatens Jan 24 2004 Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year and finds Voldemort once again screwing with his life. Only this time it might hurt someone else instead of him... Not Myself, Part 6
Year 5 : A Rebirth and a Return Mar 11 2003 Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year to find that things that should stay buried often don't...and that they aren't good for his health. Not Myself, Part 5
Year 4 : A Skull and a Serpent Oct 26 2002 Harry Potter heads back to Hogwarts for his fourth year...but not before several bad things happen. A rather ominous way to begin a year... Not Myself, Part 4
Year 3 : A Dog and New Fears Aug 10 2002 Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his third year - a year in which a murderer has escaped from Azkaban prison. And he just might be after Harry... Not Myself, Part 3
Year 2 : A Serpent and a Sword Jul 6 2002 Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his second year and finds that there are secrets about himself that have been kept. And that there's something new taking up residence in the castle... Not Myself, Part 2
Year 1 : A Stone and a Discovery Jun 1 2002 Harry Potter is an orphan raised on the streets of London. But after he finds the mysterious pub called the Leaky Cauldron and a friendly family called the Weasley's he discovers that he's more than just some street rat... Not Myself, Part 1

World of Warcraft

Title Publish Date Summary Series
Banished Jul 20 2007 A short tale of a Quel'dorei fallen to her addiction and her brother, who would not allow her venture alone into the Horde. N/A
Bones Jun 18 2007 A human girl stumbles across two members of the Horde...and everything in her life thereafter changes when she decides to help them. N/A
Through the Dark Portal Jun 18 2007 A female human who grew up amongst a ravaged life in Outland finds her way to Azeroth when the Dark Portal is reopened and discovers that life on her parents world is not quite that different from that she was raised in. N/A